Our Endless (almost) Numbered Questions

Just some thoughts and possible questions I would have for the author of Our Endless Numbered Days, Claire Fuller. Inspiration What are the chances for such a story to be based on real-life events: a man, a survivalist, kidnapping his own daughter (although kidnapping is perhaps not the best fitting... [Read More]

Greece... et ailleurs

This is the third week without running. I miss it. Whatever ruptured, inflamed, broke, fissured, fractured, disjointed, cracked… (whatever it was – I am not fond of seeing doctors) looks like it is about to get better. I took my running shoes with me to Greece for the weekend we spent there... [Read More]


… I’m back, again! The little time I have these days I seem to spend online. Might do me some good leaving all that reddit stuff alone for a while… and all those RSS feeds that keep coming and coming. I seem to think that I know more and that... [Read More]

15 march

This week I spent quite a lot of time looking for interesting blogs in Romania. And I found quite a few. They are mostly blogs that have to do with books, reading and writing. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many interesting things. It made me happy. I thought... [Read More]


where does time fly? have been working, then went to see the paintings which, later in the afternoon, were sold at auction, then worked some more, came home, looked on the web trying to find some references about the huge rubens/van dyck painting – found none – just something, perhaps... [Read More]


it is a bit difficult to just jump into it. just write. lately, it either too late or i am too tired, or god knows what. there is never enough time, there is never enough strength. i mean, how could i start discussing a book at midnight, knowing that i... [Read More]