Atena, 2017

Am descoperit Uber în Atena. Prin Viena nu am folosit decît o singură dată serviciul ăsta de vreme ce transportul în comun aici funcţionează destul de bine. În Atena, nu prea. Pentru a merge la plajă cu maşina ai nevoie de vreo 20 de minute. Cu metroul şi autobuzul –... [Read More]

Sicily / Leibovitz - Kunsthaus

Sicily is a quite an island. I will never forget the light there (is this already stereotypical?). There were clouds every now and then but you could always see/feel the sun, flaming the evening sky or, in the morning, drawing a fine line of bright light at the horizon, over... [Read More]


On Sunday there was a derby game – Roma vs. Lazio. Did not take too much notice of it. And I would’ve forgotten about it completely were it not for the ride back to the hotel. But first things first. Ambasciata di Abruzzo. Excellent aperitifs, good dinner. And the wine! A... [Read More]


Don’t really feel like writing lately. I want to, I sit at the computer and start typing but words don’t come up. After several good minutes of tossing around I abandon it altogether and try something else. Reading books and blogs, watching movies, planning challenges for the new ubuntu 9.10... [Read More]

Greece / 2009

And Greece it was! Athens, Santorini, Sunio and Pelion. Quite a line-up! Overall impression – not too crowded this year. I guess the economic crisis has something to do with it. I’ve been told, in Greece it is common to get a loan from the bank in order to go... [Read More]


cy twombly / japan exhibition salzburg / le clezio- poisson d’or – they all have to wait! Greece, here I come! Two weeks of sun, sea and lentor. Cheers! [Read More]


Busy, busy… London was great. I find it very good that entrance to all important museums is free (for the permanent collections, anyway). It is good to know that whenever I want I can go to the National Gallery and spend a few hours in front of the impressionists (for... [Read More]