It happened at a poetry slam evening in a venue full of mostly young people who were ready to jump on the stage and declaim verses, words close to their hearts. More seasoned slamming poets were also present and, I assume, at least a few were willing to go up... [Read More]

Customer Support

I had an hour to spare until my next appointment and decided to spend it in the cafe of a museum nearby, a place which is usually very little frequented, at least during those afternoon hours when it’s either too late or too early to do anything. I had enough... [Read More]

Darth Vader

The kid is riding another Star Wars wave these days. They come and go, these waves, feeding on the colorful books he collected, detailing the multitude of future, non-existent worlds. He tells me about what kind of beings or robots are better suited for what kind of jobs, how their... [Read More]

Sound Field

I left the recorder on for almost an hour last night while at the KHM, at the Rothko exhibition. With the exception of an alarm (that lasted for a few seconds after it went off when somebody got too close to a canvas) and the sound of very faint, almost... [Read More]

Mixing Grace

There is this picture of Grace Jones taken by Jean-Paul Goude: Except that it is not a picture, but a composite image — lots of shots molded into one in order to produce this almost impossible pose. It became popular. It went around the world. I didn’t know much about... [Read More]


across the street there is a fashion store whose golden days, however, seem to lie somewhere in the past. perhaps that’s why the owner, an older lady, isn’t the cheeriest of people. she also has a short temper and is strongly opinionated. some people left e-scooters in front of her... [Read More]

I like that you exist

outside the shop, on the sidewalk, there are three men in dark-blue suits discussing where to go for lunch. i watch them. i look at how they almost radiate physical fitness and self-confidence and even condescendence. i drink my coffee from a tiny white cup, thinking i will never have... [Read More]


a rainy morning. just the two of us at the bus station. not for long though — a neighbor’s kid walked towards us, slowly, enjoying the raindrops. or maybe he was just still sleepy? as soon as we spotted him, we sucked in our tummies, stood as straight as we... [Read More]


everyone in the underground looks tired this rainy evening. two men next to me talk about photography. or that’s what i think they discuss — i can’t hear them well enough. exposure comes up, as well as light. one of them has a DSLR hanging around his neck, his right... [Read More]

At Night

was in a tram last night, going home. at one station, a bunch of French seniors got in; 20-30 of them. all smiling and shouting “Dominique,” for some reason. when the tram departed, rather abruptly, they all let out a”whoosh” sound while being catapulted about a meter towards the back,... [Read More]


I am glad that I can take R to museums. He’s just an 8 year-old boy interested in Lego and stories and fishing (though he never tried that just yet) but, with a bit of luck, he plays along and I can take him to exhibitions in art museums. The... [Read More]

Five Senses

She was American. Over seventy, I think. She came to this city for her son’s wedding which took place over the weekend. Now, Monday, she felt tired and thought she wouldn’t really want to talk — just hang around and look at the people. But then, slowly, we actually became... [Read More]


We were in Normandy for almost a week already. That day we drove to Étretat and spent a few hours there, going up the hill with the church on top and enjoying the view. The sky was overcast but it didn’t rain. We walked around, through tall grasses, peeking at... [Read More]

Haludovo Hotel

A while ago I listened to a podcast about how kids and teenagers spend their time when they are alone, without adults. There were three stories: The Land, the Tracks and Heyoon. I could add another one to the list - the Haludovo Hotel on the island Krk in Croatia.... [Read More]


Spring seems to have finally arrived. I think I can say this now. After all, it’s mid April already. Just a month ago it was so cold that I felt even words would freeze if spoken. The world was nothing but a gray and dry mass (with a hint of... [Read More]

2017 - Taking Stock

Last thing I did in 2017 was going to a show in Salzburg. It was advertised as a… circus. But… it wasn’t, really. It was more like theater. Silent theater. The show begins with people coming up on the stage, barefoot and in street clothes. Your usual trousers, short skirts,... [Read More]


R started school this year. Just a few weeks went by but he’s already devouring (mostly unconsciously) whatever is being thrown at him. He scribbles away in his notebooks and is bragging when he’s happy with the results. “Did you see my 2? Did you see it? I know how... [Read More]

Three men in the mud

We were supposed to be four in a boat but one got sick. We were supposed to be by the sea spending a whole weekend there and getting our motor boat driving licences, because… why not? - we are the cool daddies aren’t we? I mean really, our kids would’ve... [Read More]


At first, I could only hear the sound made by something being dragged on the pavement. Then I saw her and her enormous broken suitcase. She noticed me looking at her and after a couple of seconds of uncertainty she opened the door of the shop and got in. Sorry,... [Read More]


On Bookworm, last night, I’ve had the chance to hear a new name which, I think, will preoccupy me for a while in the next time. Walter Hopps. Dream Colony is a book about him written by the fiction editor of The New Yorker, Deborah Treisman. And now the thing... [Read More]


The door to the gallery opens abruptly. Two men come in and step determined towards me. Father and son, I thought. The older man is short and has a weasel look on his face. The younger man is tall and fat, with long hair and a double chin. “Monuments?”, asks... [Read More]


de Gabriel Furmuzachi I s-a spus că vor mai avea de aşteptat încă o jumătate de oră. Dar aşteptau deja de ceva timp şi i s-a urît să stea cu mîinile încrucişate sau să fumeze o ţigară după alta. Ar fi luat pe cineva la pumni, aşa ca să se... [Read More]


It happened again. A few days back I read an essay at 3AMmagazine by Mark Amerika about how he wrote his book Locus Solus, a process that involved online translating machines, a text in French by a writer I have never heard of before - Raymond Roussel and remixing the... [Read More]


Nu ştiu cît voi mai avea de trăit dar, sincer să fiu, am ajuns să mă obişnuiesc cu ideea că nici nu mă mai interesează cu adevărat. Important e doar ce se întîmplă azi, acum, aici. Nimic epicureic însă – doar simţul meu practic. În fiecare dimineaţă cînd mă trezesc... [Read More]


de Gabriel Furmuzachi Codul a funcţionat perfect. Nici nu îi venea să creadă ca nu a fost schimbat în ultimii zece ani. Au coborît împreună scările aproape pe întuneric şi jos, doar la lumina telefonului, au început să caute sticlele de care aveau nevoie. Dar nu ştiau de unde să... [Read More]

Conjectura sufletului

de Gabriel Furmuzachi I se făcuse deja foame. Era trecut de miezul nopţii şi parcă se mai răcorise puţin. A ieşit din camera lui şi s-a dus la bucătărie, sperînd să găsească ceva de mîncare. Capul îi vîjîia de atîtea calcule, mîna dreaptă îi amorţise şi aproape nu-şi mai simţea... [Read More]

Time machine

… the past is so horribly fast. Brenda Shaughnessy Just heard this little poem running home, traveling into the future at the speed of one second per second. [Read More]

Sensul unui sfîrșit

de Gabriel Furmuzachi Ana mă cheamă. Acum sînt pe drum către casă. Nu durează mult - vreun sfert de oră, poate douăzeci de minute… Merg pînă la capătul de linie. Am să vă spun doar ce mi s-a întîmplat azi. Soţul va fi deja plecat cînd voi ajunge acasă. Ca... [Read More]

Just a flying note

oberflächenübersetzung my heart leaps up when i behold a rainbow in the sky so was it when my life began so is it now i am a man so be it when i shall grow old or let me die! the child is father of the man and i could... [Read More]
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I’m doing science!

What have I accomplished within the past year? What do I hope to do in the upcoming year? It is, already and unfortunately, that time of the year when you have to look back and take stock. Well, this is the story until now. The only thing I might say... [Read More]
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Give Me a Name

Playing with Cortazar’s Continuity of Parks & Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions. Oh, and Mark Strand’s Keeping Things Whole. by Gabriel Furmuzachi Look at all these books. Run your delicate fingers over their spines, feel the tiny glue lumps underneath the surface, feel the knots of thread binding all those pages.... [Read More]


by Gabriel Furmuzachi “How do you like it here?” Max hit the brakes on his bike. He turned around and he saw an old man, dressed in a blue suit, wearing a red bow-tie, gazing at him through small eye glasses. He was sure that a couple of seconds ago... [Read More]

This Field Is Required

For those who flee. by Gabriel Furmuzachi Last time when he could use his phone, he found out that the others were nearing the border. He hopes he will meet them soon. Then he hears someone: a voice shooting up as if from nowhere. Then another one. There is a... [Read More]

God help the Child

A little while ago I heard Toni Morrison speak about her latest book, God help the Child, a book in which a mother has a hard time dealing with the fact that her daughter is of a much darker skin color than herself. A sort of a twist on the... [Read More]

Wachau (half) Marathon

You can kill yourself running. Literally. Yes, I was never aware of the fact that there can be casualties during a marathon. I thought running is nothing more than… running. You keep your pace for as long for as you can and, if you are lucky, you make it to... [Read More]

The Concierge

Tall. Thin. A condescending look on his face, browsing around for impurities, things not supposed to be where they are, not supposed to be how they are. Always knowing better. To the middle-aged lady struggling to be gracious while slicing a banana in her yogurt - he felt the need... [Read More]


Sad that Oliver Sacks has died. The Professor and his elements. He is now going back to being one with some of them. Would it be just to compare this sadness with the harrowing images of asylum seekers clashing with border patrols at the edges of Europe? We put up... [Read More]
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From Home

Father and brother are here to visit. One toothless, the other one emptily reflective. We walk the streets and say little. We have a couple of beers, share a joke or two. I find myself startled at my mother’s absence. It’s been ten years now since she passed but it... [Read More]

It took me some time, lots of work, decisions and experiments but now it’s done! This is ****. My digital home for some time to come. Ingredients: Digital Ocean / Gandi / Ghost / Linux. I have tried to host it on my private server but it was a bit... [Read More]
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The Comb

An elderly couple went past the gallery this morning. The man stopped and looked through the large display window. His wife calls him, angrily. “How often still? It’s the third time today already!” ?! Then I saw the man expertly handling a comb he just retrieved from his jacket pocket.... [Read More]

Citizenfour / The Imitation Game

Two films I watched lately. I did not plan to see them one after the other and, at first, I did not see the connection between the two. Now… well… you know… like two peas in a pod… The movie The Imitation Game draws its title from Turing’s homonymous paper. The idea behind... [Read More]

Yet again

Intellectually idle for the time being. Not doing any writing, no translations, not much reading. At least I try to keep going for a run every other day. But I spend as much time I have with R. I think we have a good relationship and I also think treating... [Read More]


Summarizing the movies I saw lately in (around) three words. Take this waltz - funny, loose, hot (as in weather). My week with Marilyn - dizzy, blond, sulky. Wild - arid, stubborn, hollow. Before I Disappear - amusing, quirky, grungy. Revolutionary Road - confused, weary, somehow missing the target. The... [Read More]

Blue Valentine

Not a bad movie. It might have been a beautiful love story. It could have been shorter and it would have had an uplifting story about how two very different people meet, have fun, fall in love, stay together. But the director, it seems, had something else in mind. The... [Read More]


“What on earth? This is…” She did not finish her sentence. Just started laughing and kept pointing at the cactus plant they had stolen the night before from the restaurant. It was one of those… encounters, something they kept doing since they discovered sex. They were never a couple, except... [Read More]


His belly kept rubbing against the back rest of the chair testifying to the fact that he, indeed, put on some weight. His boyfriend was not joking when he said that. The kid in the chair kept texting his girlfriend but that did not seem to bother him as long... [Read More]


One Where are you, my brother? How is the world you inhabit? Are there any parts of it still here? I said good bye to the trees in the orchard and then I went on a last bike tour around the village thinking that I will be flying soon, that... [Read More]


Thursday evening had some time to see some art. First ALbertina - Thomas Ender’s watercolors, then a little show (really just a few works) from Bacon, Liechtenstein, Warhol, Richter, then photographs from Lee Miller. Had to learn a lot looking at these photos. She started up as a fashion model... [Read More]


It got late yesterday. Past two a.m. and I was still awake. Thinking about stuff. Afraid. Hopeful. Trying to be good is difficult… if you are not in the mood. What I can see with R is that, even if the situation gets out of hand, a hug will most... [Read More]


51 km this week. Almost 700m up. Rather slow. Enjoyable. Sweat and vigor. Running is good. Yesterday I listened to Timothy Spall talking about his character portraying JMW Turner. They never mentioned his role in Intimacy. For me, that’s what I usually associate with his acting career. That talk he... [Read More]

After Midnight

Did not think I would still find the motivation to go running tonight. But I did and it helped. This week was a slow week - 34 km, each between 5:20 and 5:40. But most of them going up. Running for the hills. Slow pace make things flow and does... [Read More]


Sun’s up again. A clear, blue sky. Today it’s going to be spent out of doors. The afternoon, I mean, of course. Right now, I am back at my small desk in the gallery, staring at the screen, as if looking for paintings, though secretly creeping in on the digital,... [Read More]


Immigration, being illegal, life and death, overcrowded life-boats drifting away… I can’t just draw a line and try to think of something else to write, to jump into another direction and leave the pain of the world be the pain of the world and not my own. There is more... [Read More]
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Playing with it

It’s been a bit of a struggle but I managed to make this RPi2 work. It runs, albeit a bit slow. I am toying with the idea of buying something more powerful, a small PC, to be used as a multimedia center, web server and sync machine. But I am... [Read More]

Greece... et ailleurs

This is the third week without running. I miss it. Whatever ruptured, inflamed, broke, fissured, fractured, disjointed, cracked… (whatever it was – I am not fond of seeing doctors) looks like it is about to get better. I took my running shoes with me to Greece for the weekend we spent there... [Read More]

Being Mortal

That’s the title of Atul Gawande’s latest book. A best seller on more than one list. A couple of days ago, drawn by Kottke’s sobs on twitter, I watched the PBS documentary too. Gawande leaves the impression of a man who seems to know what he does even if, at times, he claims the... [Read More]

Gerhard Richter Painting

It snows. Violently. If these tiny snowflakes would be as heavy as they are sharp, we’d have a city in ruin. They whirl themselves through the air and stab with their microscopic daggers at buildings, pavement, cars, trees… Nothing is spared. I have this image before my eyes – a young Gerhard... [Read More]

The (art) Dealer

I knew about him but I never met him. I met his brother many times but I somehow managed not to lay eyes on him until today. And here he is: he is as tall as his brother is short and he is as thin as his brother is fat. But... [Read More]

Humboldt, Gauss and... Daft Punk

They have all talked about it. It is a very good book, they said. You have to read it! And I did. Kehlmann’s - Die Vermessung der Welt. Yes, it does a very good job at portraying two great scientists: one running around the world, getting bitten by mosquitoes, crawling... [Read More]

This is not about running!

No, it is not! But it so happens that…. Really, now. The kid was sick yesterday. I stayed home with him. Poor thing. He’s very seldom sick and he does not really know how to deal with it. Throwing up scares him. His whole little body arched stiff above the... [Read More]

So now get up!

“Felled, dazed, silent, he has fallen; knocked full length on the cobbles of the yard. His head turns sideways; his eyes are turned toward the gate, as if someone might arrive to help him out. One blow, properly placed, could kill him now.” That is how Wolf Hall begins. And... [Read More]


I’ve never been much of a runner. Just a few months ago I would not have been able to understand why would one be willing to run more than five km at a time. Twenty, thirty min for a run would have been enough. You’d sweat a little, you’d move... [Read More]


Yes… Goodbye… It should be now only a formality. In a few weeks I should receive a new passport and, with it, a new citizenship. I had to give up the old one. I lived for more than fifteen years abroad. Soon, I will have lived longer as an expat... [Read More]


There was blood everywhere. Dripping slowly from his nose, in and around his mouth, on his chin and from there on his chest, over his small blue raincoat. He looked like a tiny version of a hungry, crying vampire. Each time I wanted to calm him down, he would hastily... [Read More]


What’s the difference between this: and this: The first one belongs to the American president. The second, to the Austrian (Viennese) painter. It’s a small world! [Read More]
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Expectations: Kapoor/Serota | Collings/Emin

Last week, Boris Johnson, Anish Kapoor and Lakshmi Mittal have unveiled The ArcelorMittal Orbit, the centerpiece of the Olympic games in London. The Orbit looks like a tortured version of the Eiffel tower. Actually, Kapoor said that he wanted to “rethink what a tower might be”. An article in Times classifies... [Read More]

Augenschmaus. A feast for the eyes.

by Gabriel Furmuzachi There is a difference between seeing paintings and seeing a show. In this case, Augenschmaus. Vom Essen in Stillleben. Or, as it is called in English – Feast for the eyes. Kunstforum. Vienna. I can only think that the backbone for the show was made up of... [Read More]

Constant Sun

Yesterday I went to an exhibition without art objects. There was nothing to see, except for a big table in the middle of a room with a laid out map of Europe, a pair of gloves, a black marker and a ruler. And lots of people. Relatively, that is (the... [Read More]

Books, exhibitions, movies...

Books: Sarah Thornton – Seven Days in the Artworld. Well, this was an eye-opening book. I did not read it for the plot (there is none) and the writing itself is rather weak and often self flattering. There’s not much in the way of an analysis of the artworld (from... [Read More]

Sicily / Leibovitz - Kunsthaus

Sicily is a quite an island. I will never forget the light there (is this already stereotypical?). There were clouds every now and then but you could always see/feel the sun, flaming the evening sky or, in the morning, drawing a fine line of bright light at the horizon, over... [Read More]


On Sunday there was a derby game – Roma vs. Lazio. Did not take too much notice of it. And I would’ve forgotten about it completely were it not for the ride back to the hotel. But first things first. Ambasciata di Abruzzo. Excellent aperitifs, good dinner. And the wine! A... [Read More]


She Sunbathing by the pool. Every now and then a fly would buzz by and the dog would bark happily, playing on the lawn with its rubber toys. Not a worry in the world! She’s long and well built. Blond hair, big tits, slim, good legs. She must be around... [Read More]

The One or the Other?

Yesterday when I got up I found a request from PhilPapers in my mailbox. I wasn’t really awake; still had to rub my eyes to see well. Had nothing to eat or drink… But enough excuses… And what did the guys from PhilPaper want? A test. They wanted to make... [Read More]

Friday evening

He looked around in the metro. Two guys in front of him were kissing and feeling each other. He looked away. Why did she have to cancel the meeting tonight? What am I going to do now? It’s just 7. Should I go straight home? No. That is not an... [Read More]


Don’t really feel like writing lately. I want to, I sit at the computer and start typing but words don’t come up. After several good minutes of tossing around I abandon it altogether and try something else. Reading books and blogs, watching movies, planning challenges for the new ubuntu 9.10... [Read More]

Sora Exacta

Citesc din Sora Exacta a lui Iulian Tanase. E altfel decit Iubitafizica. Foarte altfel. Mai timpuriu? Probabil. Ceva descoperit in sertarul cu insemnari. Probabil. // Sfirsitul lumii a avut loc deja si noi continuam sa traim ne prefacem ca sintem vii ne sarutam pe gura pina ametim mergem la cite... [Read More]


O… the world of Academia! It’s been long since I took part in a lecture, or heard people talk about what they’re writing, discuss their findings, etc. It was a small conference I attended this weekend. Small, because the public was made up of just a handful of people except... [Read More]

Richard David Precht

While running I had the chance to hear a discussion on the radio with Richard David Precht. I heard about his latest book and wanted to read it, but now I have second thoughts. It started pretty interesting anyway. And I thought the guy had a certain sense of humor.... [Read More]


Care for a new non-philosophical obsession? Iubitafizica might be the answer. Well, it’s not really new and not really non-philosophical. But it certainly can become an obsession. N-am stiut de Iulian Tanase pina acum dar imi pare bine ca l-am descoperit (multam, A.) As da oricind metafizica pe iubitafizica. Ma... [Read More]


After teaching, I went to the gallery on foot. It was such a lovely morning! Memories of last night’s opulent dinner and fun, combined with the beautiful light and the fresh air, with the laughing of kids in the park, with the taste of a fresh French croissant… And a... [Read More]


Yesterday,  another Galerienrundgang. I did not know about it until I saw someone who came into our gallery with the flyer. Funny thing though, this guy stepped in and, very confident said he’s been walking by every so often but never got in. And he wanted to ask if we... [Read More]

Miss Amelia (part II)

His house had stone walls. Big brown stones. And between them, scattered here and there, smaller white, round stones. Over the door frame one of these white stones had been painted – a lady in a green outfit with a straw hat holding an umbrella against the sun. Just as... [Read More]

La mer

Vous êtes tous les deux ténébreux et discrets: Homme, nul n’a sondé le fond de tes abîmes; Ô mer, nul ne connaît tes richesses intimes, Tant vous êtes jaloux de garder vos secrets! From Baudelaire’s L’Homme et la mer [Read More]


What a nice name! A Leica lens. 50/0.95. Can you imagine that? I know there are some film lenses that go even wider than that. 0.7 – Kubrick – Barry Lyndon: most of the night scenes (candle light) were shot without extra light. And only a lens so fast could’ve... [Read More]

Cardiac slaves of the stars

At the weekend I was in a place about an hour away from Vienna, very close to the Hungarian border, where a bunch of people got together, bought some land and made it into a paradise for horses. — I only heard a few knocks on the door. Did not... [Read More]


I’ve only read half of The Sun Also Rises but I think  I can somehow spot the Americanness of Hemingway. Yes, I did not read any Hemingway until now but I got a whole collection with most of his books and I do intend to read them (all). After half... [Read More]

Case sure

El e mic și îndesat. Gras (de fapt). Cu o burtă ce s-ar încadra lejer la categoria “femei însărcinate, luna a opta”. Ea e blonda. Subțire. Ochi albaștri (sic!). El neamț. Ea moldoveancă. El vorbește o română stîlcită, grea, germanizată. Ea – moldovenește. Oarecum amuzant să îi aud pe amîndoi sporovăind... [Read More]

A little soul...

Sunday mornings, on FM4 there is a show called Sunny Side Up. Which I like and try to listen to whenever I can. It has just good music. Music to listen to after a long Saturday night out. Music to listen to when the sun warms up your living room and... [Read More]
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Il Divo. In Italian with German subtitles. Made me spend some time on the internet reading about the recent Italian history. Was this a good movie? Don’t really know. It happened a lot in it but it did not really have a plot line. I mean like a story with... [Read More]

Greece / 2009

And Greece it was! Athens, Santorini, Sunio and Pelion. Quite a line-up! Overall impression – not too crowded this year. I guess the economic crisis has something to do with it. I’ve been told, in Greece it is common to get a loan from the bank in order to go... [Read More]

Transportation / Iasi / Romania

I mean public transportation. Getting from A to B in a city.  Nothing easier than that, right? Or simpler… Usually it goes like this: you go to the counter on a public transportation office, get a map of all the public transportation means, see what kind of tickets are available and... [Read More]

Caos Calmo

Monday, as usual now, was a movie monday. Votiv Kino – Caos Calmo, with Nanni Moretti. I did not expect much from it. Years ago I saw Caro Diaro and loved it. And then I saw La Stanza Del Figlio and hated it. So… everything was possible… And, it worked.... [Read More]

Boating for Beginners

Last week I read Winterson‘s Boating For Beginners. Hilarious. It reminded me of Eddie Izzard and of The Life of Brian. It was really fun to read. Just consider this: Gloria had chosen to be nothing in order to avoid being her mother’s something. – ‘Denise, I love my breasts. I... [Read More]


I teach a bit of Romanian now (2-3 times a week). And one of my pupils lives somewhere close to this famous ice-cream shop in a workers’ district. After I finish my gallery work I have more than enough time to get there and, of course, I have an ice-cream... [Read More]
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The (almost) Daily

Kundera’s Identity. I read this book before. If I am not mistaken, I read it in French. Now, it was in English. It is not as gripping as the other Kundera books but it is worth the ensuing meditation, nevertheless. And somehow it did not come alone. It’s a bit... [Read More]


Just remember to take it easy! If I jump straight into 12 km/h when I run I have to suffer the consequences (high pulse and all the rest). Start with 10,5 and work it up slowly, and then I run like a natural. Km after km… enjoying every step! So,... [Read More]
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Iran – Where is my vote? series… It rains since yesterday morning. Continuously… I want it to stop! Stop! Stop! Where is sun? The summer heat? Yesterday we saw Il Pranzo di Ferragosto. A funny little movie. At times, I found it a bit too crammed (camera too close, a... [Read More]

Oh, yeah! Kitchen Confidential!

And yet another passion! It’s been there, all along, but now it gathers steam up and it is ready to burst. Kitchen Confidential opened up another world to me. OK, I knew a bit about food and eating, I like cooking and I cook whenever I have the chance, but... [Read More]

Weekend Idleness...

A weekend in Kärnten. Käsnudln. Kletzernudln. Swimming in Radon and thermal water. Saturday – stroll in Trieste. Insalata di mare. Aperol Spritz. Food shopping and feasting on the balcony in the evening sun. Sunday – reading by the Wörthersee. – [Read More]


After yesterday’s adventures I don’t feel like writing too much. What happened? They broke into our apartment. Turned everything upside down. And stole a few earrings and everything else that looked like gold. Yuck! [Read More]

Pessoa / Alvaro de Campos

I spent several hours translating from Carpenter’s essay on the strength of Greenberg’s aesthetics and I find it weak. Very weak. And, therefore, difficult to translate. Now, I started with a text from Greenberg himself and it goes as smooth as possible. I am wondering if it is already translated... [Read More]


Borges writes that the characters one writer can bring to life can be no greater than the writer himself. Think about that! [Read More]

This and that

Borges’ stories are dry. Although they spawn on several pages, what they say can be said in a couple of sentences. They are not funny, nor poetical, nor sparkling… but they are interesting. They explore a realm of possibility and give it a certain form, a certain Gestalt. It is... [Read More]

15 march

This week I spent quite a lot of time looking for interesting blogs in Romania. And I found quite a few. They are mostly blogs that have to do with books, reading and writing. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many interesting things. It made me happy. I thought... [Read More]


something quite amazing happened to me on saturday. we were walking down landstraße in linz. it was cold and it rained. fine drops and, occasionally, a snowflake or two. with every step i just wanted to be away, somewhere warm and drink a cup of tea. and then i saw... [Read More]

Letters never sent

i was going over some stuff i wrote a few years ago – a couple of letters i thought about sending. one of them to paul auster and the other to eva hoffman. i do not really know why i wrote them any more. it certainly must have been the... [Read More]

The more I write...

… the more i learn. trying to do it the right way (rich text and all) the act of writing a blog brings along another labor intensive activity – searching for references, reading deeper into the articles, looking for correspondences, jumping from one story to the next, etc. etc. if... [Read More]
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there is swinging between languages. to and fro… to and fro… there is swinging between chores… needs… things to still be done, learned, written, seen, imagined… there is a huge lack of imagination. a stop, somehow. i read through cartarescu’s book ‘orbitor’ and wondered at what a poet can write.... [Read More]

A breath...

the last few weeks were full. didn’t have time for anything. nothing came out. but quite some things came in. i do not know what to make of this. i never read anything by miranda july. i would like to, though, just to know how it’s like. her website is... [Read More]

Es war einmal ein Kind...

Die Griechen benutzen für träumen und sehen dasselbe Verb. Man sieht einen Traum. Ein Traum kann nur gesehen werden. Ob das eine Erinnerung ist oder nicht, ob ich alles sah oder nur mir davon erzählt wurde, kann ich jetzt nicht sagen. Es war Herbst, Ende September, glaube ich. Der Mais... [Read More]

a bit crazy

what if? well, that’s the question! that’s always the question. not to be or not to be but what if it were and what if i were not? yes, it’s a bit crazy to think of it like this. thou shall not discard possibilities! today i had a sort of... [Read More]


where does time fly? have been working, then went to see the paintings which, later in the afternoon, were sold at auction, then worked some more, came home, looked on the web trying to find some references about the huge rubens/van dyck painting – found none – just something, perhaps... [Read More]


it is a bit difficult to just jump into it. just write. lately, it either too late or i am too tired, or god knows what. there is never enough time, there is never enough strength. i mean, how could i start discussing a book at midnight, knowing that i... [Read More]


destul de plin, weekend-ul asta. pe arte tocmai am vazut un documentar despre niebelungi: cita realitate si cit mit. saturday – der späte tizian – the late titian and the sensuality of painting. read victor stoichita: goya – die familie karls IV oskar bätschmann: cezannes große badende – scheitern... [Read More]


The sun shines up in the sky. With my headphones on I am listening to Duke Ellington. The music flows nicely and I almost feel like dancing. I feel like making some space in my white studio and move my body around. It’s Sunday afternoon. It’s not raining although this... [Read More]