Wachau (half) Marathon

You can kill yourself running. Literally. Yes, I was never aware of the fact that there can be casualties during a marathon. I thought running is nothing more than… running. You keep your pace for as long for as you can and, if you are lucky, you make it to... [Read More]


51 km this week. Almost 700m up. Rather slow. Enjoyable. Sweat and vigor. Running is good. Yesterday I listened to Timothy Spall talking about his character portraying JMW Turner. They never mentioned his role in Intimacy. For me, that’s what I usually associate with his acting career. That talk he... [Read More]

After Midnight

Did not think I would still find the motivation to go running tonight. But I did and it helped. This week was a slow week - 34 km, each between 5:20 and 5:40. But most of them going up. Running for the hills. Slow pace make things flow and does... [Read More]


Sun’s up again. A clear, blue sky. Today it’s going to be spent out of doors. The afternoon, I mean, of course. Right now, I am back at my small desk in the gallery, staring at the screen, as if looking for paintings, though secretly creeping in on the digital,... [Read More]

This is not about running!

No, it is not! But it so happens that…. Really, now. The kid was sick yesterday. I stayed home with him. Poor thing. He’s very seldom sick and he does not really know how to deal with it. Throwing up scares him. His whole little body arched stiff above the... [Read More]


I’ve never been much of a runner. Just a few months ago I would not have been able to understand why would one be willing to run more than five km at a time. Twenty, thirty min for a run would have been enough. You’d sweat a little, you’d move... [Read More]