Frank O'Hara - Today

Oh! kangaroos, sequins, chocolate sodas! You really are beautiful! Pearls, harmonicas, jujubes, aspirins! all the stuff they’ve always talked about still makes a poem a surprise! These things are with us every day even on beachheads and biers. They do have meaning. They’re strong as rocks. [1950] [Read More]
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Time machine

… the past is so horribly fast. Brenda Shaughnessy Just heard this little poem running home, traveling into the future at the speed of one second per second. [Read More]

Coming to This

by Mark Strand We have done what we wanted. We have discarded dreams, preferring the heavy industry of each other, and we have welcomed grief and called ruin the impossible habit to break. And now we are here. The dinner is ready and we cannot eat. The meat sits in... [Read More]

Love, Emilie

All I need is somebody to love me like you do. To give me back to myself. To scrawl I Love You on my left palm. While I wander, blind and frightened, over and above us all. All I need is a hammer of sound and a furnace of light.... [Read More]
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Poem in which my son wants to hear a story

I speak to him in an old language, musty and inveterate, with a faint whiff of salty cheese and home-made bread. Here, dragons have only four letters, cars are complicated machinery and polenta is made up of eMs. Here, to be is thinner than a spider’s thread. I let him... [Read More]
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Together We Blossom

She said time is about to come. She said we had to act. It’s no use going against it… the Party… We are old. Too old already. So old, we’re made of love. We should go as we always hoped we will, doting the earth, dreaming of clouds. Not up... [Read More]
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Self-portrait with dead mother

Dear mother’s body on her sunken bed. Her brown eyes - foggy and motionless. Her body - a cubist ghost of what she used to be. It was all too late. Or too risky to have been otherwise. She must have been afraid and hungry, curled up inside herself. She... [Read More]
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