Summarizing the movies I saw lately in (around) three words. Take this waltz - funny, loose, hot (as in weather). My week with Marilyn - dizzy, blond, sulky. Wild - arid, stubborn, hollow. Before I Disappear - amusing, quirky, grungy. Revolutionary Road - confused, weary, somehow missing the target. The... [Read More]

Blue Valentine

Not a bad movie. It might have been a beautiful love story. It could have been shorter and it would have had an uplifting story about how two very different people meet, have fun, fall in love, stay together. But the director, it seems, had something else in mind. The... [Read More]


… I’m back, again! The little time I have these days I seem to spend online. Might do me some good leaving all that reddit stuff alone for a while… and all those RSS feeds that keep coming and coming. I seem to think that I know more and that... [Read More]

The American

Saw The American last night. I do not know what to do with this movie. Where to put it? What to take from it? It felt awkward. Not quite there, where it wanted to be… Today – Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Almost two hours of Godot-like theater (film, actually). Just... [Read More]

Books, exhibitions, movies...

Books: Sarah Thornton – Seven Days in the Artworld. Well, this was an eye-opening book. I did not read it for the plot (there is none) and the writing itself is rather weak and often self flattering. There’s not much in the way of an analysis of the artworld (from... [Read More]


Parlez-moi de la pluie! Yes. Tell me about the rain. Actually, why is it called like this? According to Wikipedia, the screenwriter, director and actor Agnès Jaoui had a song in her ears when she was rushing to a writing session with her husband. L’orage by Georges Brassens. Which begins... [Read More]
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Il Divo. In Italian with German subtitles. Made me spend some time on the internet reading about the recent Italian history. Was this a good movie? Don’t really know. It happened a lot in it but it did not really have a plot line. I mean like a story with... [Read More]

Caos Calmo

Monday, as usual now, was a movie monday. Votiv Kino – Caos Calmo, with Nanni Moretti. I did not expect much from it. Years ago I saw Caro Diaro and loved it. And then I saw La Stanza Del Figlio and hated it. So… everything was possible… And, it worked.... [Read More]


Iran – Where is my vote? series… It rains since yesterday morning. Continuously… I want it to stop! Stop! Stop! Where is sun? The summer heat? Yesterday we saw Il Pranzo di Ferragosto. A funny little movie. At times, I found it a bit too crammed (camera too close, a... [Read More]