It was the best of times

On Miranda July’s The First Bad Man Trigger Warning: It contains and might support weirdness and queasiness. Black covers, white lettering. Simple. Nothing visually stimulating, nothing that would bring to mind the fact that the author is also an artist. Should it? I started reading it and was happy to... [Read More]

On Words and Things

by Gabriel Furmuzachi (a perspective on the relationship between metaphors and reality) Abstract In this essay, I will critically examine Collin Turbayne and Philip Wheelwright’s approaches to the theory of metaphor. Through criticism of their views I will arrive at Paul Ricoeur’s theory which I consider is the most comprehensive... [Read More]


Yes… Goodbye… It should be now only a formality. In a few weeks I should receive a new passport and, with it, a new citizenship. I had to give up the old one. I lived for more than fifteen years abroad. Soon, I will have lived longer as an expat... [Read More]

15 march

This week I spent quite a lot of time looking for interesting blogs in Romania. And I found quite a few. They are mostly blogs that have to do with books, reading and writing. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many interesting things. It made me happy. I thought... [Read More]


there is swinging between languages. to and fro… to and fro… there is swinging between chores… needs… things to still be done, learned, written, seen, imagined… there is a huge lack of imagination. a stop, somehow. i read through cartarescu’s book ‘orbitor’ and wondered at what a poet can write.... [Read More]