The Ultimate Technological Sublime

The Ultimate Technological Sublime Gabriel Furmuzachi Abstract: We are interested here in a short philosophical analysis of teleportation which, we consider, constitutes the ultimate greatness of technology. The teleportation experiment is used in philosophy usually in connection with discussions about identity: for example, if the person who leaves from point... [Read More]

From Home

Father and brother are here to visit. One toothless, the other one emptily reflective. We walk the streets and say little. We have a couple of beers, share a joke or two. I find myself startled at my mother’s absence. It’s been ten years now since she passed but it... [Read More]

On Words and Things

by Gabriel Furmuzachi (a perspective on the relationship between metaphors and reality) Abstract In this essay, I will critically examine Collin Turbayne and Philip Wheelwright’s approaches to the theory of metaphor. Through criticism of their views I will arrive at Paul Ricoeur’s theory which I consider is the most comprehensive... [Read More]

Another Other: the Foreigner

by Gabriel Furmuzachi A Metaphor of Identity The metaphor to which we refer appears in a couple of letters written in May 1877. On May 13th: […] C’est faux de dire : Je pense : on devrait dire : On me pense. - Pardon du jeu de mots. - Je... [Read More]


Yes… Goodbye… It should be now only a formality. In a few weeks I should receive a new passport and, with it, a new citizenship. I had to give up the old one. I lived for more than fifteen years abroad. Soon, I will have lived longer as an expat... [Read More]

The Prince or the Cobbler?

by Gabriel Furmuzachi An identity story The story goes like this: … should the Soul of a Prince, carrying with it the consciousness of the Prince’s past Life, enter and inform the Body of a Cobler as soon as deserted by his own Soul, every one sees, he would be... [Read More]