2017 - Taking Stock

Last thing I did in 2017 was going to a show in Salzburg. It was advertised as a… circus. But… it wasn’t, really. It was more like theater. Silent theater. The show begins with people coming up on the stage, barefoot and in street clothes. Your usual trousers, short skirts, sweaters and vests, shirts of all sorts. And as they... [Read More]


R started school this year. Just a few weeks went by but he’s already devouring (mostly unconsciously) whatever is being thrown at him. He scribbles away in his notebooks and is bragging when he’s happy with the results. [Read More]

Three men in the mud

We were supposed to be four in a boat but one got sick. We were supposed to be by the sea spending a whole weekend there and getting our motor boat driving licences, because… why not? - we are the cool daddies aren’t we? I mean really, our kids would’ve been happy to know we could safely take them on... [Read More]


From Alain Weil - The Poster : David Thorpe. #Cinzano 1974 #artbook A post shared by Gabi Fugabi (@fugabi) on Sep 12, 2017 at 10:47pm PDT [Read More]

Interviu Maria Răduţu

Maria Răduţu a avut darul, încă din vremea copilăriei, de a umple sală după sală cu oameni dornici să o asculte cîntînd la pian. Un adevărat copil minune, a reuşit să concerteze în toată lumea, de la Bucureşti la New York şi de la Madrid la Bangkok, atît solo cît şi cu orchestra. Alături de Florian Willeitner şi Ivan Turkalj... [Read More]

Stop That!

Tram nr. 2 crosses Brunnenmarkt, the colorful and loud street market in Ottakring. That’s where the boy got in. His mother was busy on the phone but gestured him to sit in the empty seat right in front of me. He held his steamy kebab with both hands and was biting into it. He seemed hungry but also happy. He... [Read More]