It happened at a poetry slam evening in a venue full of mostly young people who were ready to jump on the stage and declaim verses, words close to their hearts. More seasoned slamming poets were also present and, I assume, at least a few were willing to go up there and impart some wordplay. The trouble is, there is... [Read More]

Customer Support

I had an hour to spare until my next appointment and decided to spend it in the cafe of a museum nearby, a place which is usually very little frequented, at least during those afternoon hours when it’s either too late or too early to do anything. I had enough coffee before I arrived there and didn’t want anything to... [Read More]

Darth Vader

The kid is riding another Star Wars wave these days. They come and go, these waves, feeding on the colorful books he collected, detailing the multitude of future, non-existent worlds. He tells me about what kind of beings or robots are better suited for what kind of jobs, how their tools or weapons could be improved, or how they could... [Read More]

Sound Field

I left the recorder on for almost an hour last night while at the KHM, at the Rothko exhibition. With the exception of an alarm (that lasted for a few seconds after it went off when somebody got too close to a canvas) and the sound of very faint, almost quiet voices from the visitors, there is nothing to hear... [Read More]


across the street there is a fashion store whose golden days, however, seem to lie somewhere in the past. perhaps that’s why the owner, an older lady, isn’t the cheeriest of people. she also has a short temper and is strongly opinionated. some people left e-scooters in front of her shop. they might’ve been placed there by juicers, those who... [Read More]

I like that you exist

outside the shop, on the sidewalk, there are three men in dark-blue suits discussing where to go for lunch. i watch them. i look at how they almost radiate physical fitness and self-confidence and even condescendence. i drink my coffee from a tiny white cup, thinking i will never have their wealth, their athleticism or their assertiveness. and as my... [Read More]