At first, I could only hear the sound made by something being dragged on the pavement. Then I saw her and her enormous broken suitcase. She noticed me looking at her and after a couple of seconds of uncertainty she opened the door of the shop and got in. Sorry,... [Read More]


The door to the gallery opens abruptly. Two men come in and step determined towards me. Father and son, I thought. The older man is short and has a weasel look on his face. The younger man is tall and fat, with long hair and a double chin. “Monuments?”, asks... [Read More]


de Gabriel Furmuzachi I s-a spus că vor mai avea de aşteptat încă o jumătate de oră. Dar aşteptau deja de ceva timp şi i s-a urît să stea cu mîinile încrucişate sau să fumeze o ţigară după alta. Ar fi luat pe cineva la pumni, aşa ca să se... [Read More]


Nu ştiu cît voi mai avea de trăit dar, sincer să fiu, am ajuns să mă obişnuiesc cu ideea că nici nu mă mai interesează cu adevărat. Important e doar ce se întîmplă azi, acum, aici. Nimic epicureic însă – doar simţul meu practic. În fiecare dimineaţă cînd mă trezesc... [Read More]


de Gabriel Furmuzachi Codul a funcţionat perfect. Nici nu îi venea să creadă ca nu a fost schimbat în ultimii zece ani. Au coborît împreună scările aproape pe întuneric şi jos, doar la lumina telefonului, au început să caute sticlele de care aveau nevoie. Dar nu ştiau de unde să... [Read More]

Conjectura sufletului

de Gabriel Furmuzachi I se făcuse deja foame. Era trecut de miezul nopţii şi parcă se mai răcorise puţin. A ieşit din camera lui şi s-a dus la bucătărie, sperînd să găsească ceva de mîncare. Capul îi vîjîia de atîtea calcule, mîna dreaptă îi amorţise şi aproape nu-şi mai simţea... [Read More]

Sensul unui sfîrșit

de Gabriel Furmuzachi Ana mă cheamă. Acum sînt pe drum către casă. Nu durează mult - vreun sfert de oră, poate douăzeci de minute… Merg pînă la capătul de linie. Am să vă spun doar ce mi s-a întîmplat azi. Soţul va fi deja plecat cînd voi ajunge acasă. Ca... [Read More]

Give Me a Name

Playing with Cortazar’s Continuity of Parks & Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions. Oh, and Mark Strand’s Keeping Things Whole. by Gabriel Furmuzachi Look at all these books. Run your delicate fingers over their spines, feel the tiny glue lumps underneath the surface, feel the knots of thread binding all those pages.... [Read More]


by Gabriel Furmuzachi “How do you like it here?” Max hit the brakes on his bike. He turned around and he saw an old man, dressed in a blue suit, wearing a red bow-tie, gazing at him through small eye glasses. He was sure that a couple of seconds ago... [Read More]

This Field Is Required

For those who flee. by Gabriel Furmuzachi Last time when he could use his phone, he found out that the others were nearing the border. He hopes he will meet them soon. Then he hears someone: a voice shooting up as if from nowhere. Then another one. There is a... [Read More]

The Concierge

Tall. Thin. A condescending look on his face, browsing around for impurities, things not supposed to be where they are, not supposed to be how they are. Always knowing better. To the middle-aged lady struggling to be gracious while slicing a banana in her yogurt - he felt the need... [Read More]

The Comb

An elderly couple went past the gallery this morning. The man stopped and looked through the large display window. His wife calls him, angrily. “How often still? It’s the third time today already!” ?! Then I saw the man expertly handling a comb he just retrieved from his jacket pocket.... [Read More]


“What on earth? This is…” She did not finish her sentence. Just started laughing and kept pointing at the cactus plant they had stolen the night before from the restaurant. It was one of those… encounters, something they kept doing since they discovered sex. They were never a couple, except... [Read More]


His belly kept rubbing against the back rest of the chair testifying to the fact that he, indeed, put on some weight. His boyfriend was not joking when he said that. The kid in the chair kept texting his girlfriend but that did not seem to bother him as long... [Read More]


One Where are you, my brother? How is the world you inhabit? Are there any parts of it still here? I said good bye to the trees in the orchard and then I went on a last bike tour around the village thinking that I will be flying soon, that... [Read More]


There was blood everywhere. Dripping slowly from his nose, in and around his mouth, on his chin and from there on his chest, over his small blue raincoat. He looked like a tiny version of a hungry, crying vampire. Each time I wanted to calm him down, he would hastily... [Read More]


On Sunday there was a derby game – Roma vs. Lazio. Did not take too much notice of it. And I would’ve forgotten about it completely were it not for the ride back to the hotel. But first things first. Ambasciata di Abruzzo. Excellent aperitifs, good dinner. And the wine! A... [Read More]


She Sunbathing by the pool. Every now and then a fly would buzz by and the dog would bark happily, playing on the lawn with its rubber toys. Not a worry in the world! She’s long and well built. Blond hair, big tits, slim, good legs. She must be around... [Read More]

Friday evening

He looked around in the metro. Two guys in front of him were kissing and feeling each other. He looked away. Why did she have to cancel the meeting tonight? What am I going to do now? It’s just 7. Should I go straight home? No. That is not an... [Read More]

Miss Amelia (part II)

His house had stone walls. Big brown stones. And between them, scattered here and there, smaller white, round stones. Over the door frame one of these white stones had been painted – a lady in a green outfit with a straw hat holding an umbrella against the sun. Just as... [Read More]

Cardiac slaves of the stars

At the weekend I was in a place about an hour away from Vienna, very close to the Hungarian border, where a bunch of people got together, bought some land and made it into a paradise for horses. — I only heard a few knocks on the door. Did not... [Read More]

Case sure

El e mic și îndesat. Gras (de fapt). Cu o burtă ce s-ar încadra lejer la categoria “femei însărcinate, luna a opta”. Ea e blonda. Subțire. Ochi albaștri (sic!). El neamț. Ea moldoveancă. El vorbește o română stîlcită, grea, germanizată. Ea – moldovenește. Oarecum amuzant să îi aud pe amîndoi sporovăind... [Read More]

Transportation / Iasi / Romania

I mean public transportation. Getting from A to B in a city.  Nothing easier than that, right? Or simpler… Usually it goes like this: you go to the counter on a public transportation office, get a map of all the public transportation means, see what kind of tickets are available and... [Read More]

A breath...

the last few weeks were full. didn’t have time for anything. nothing came out. but quite some things came in. i do not know what to make of this. i never read anything by miranda july. i would like to, though, just to know how it’s like. her website is... [Read More]

Es war einmal ein Kind...

Die Griechen benutzen für träumen und sehen dasselbe Verb. Man sieht einen Traum. Ein Traum kann nur gesehen werden. Ob das eine Erinnerung ist oder nicht, ob ich alles sah oder nur mir davon erzählt wurde, kann ich jetzt nicht sagen. Es war Herbst, Ende September, glaube ich. Der Mais... [Read More]


The sun shines up in the sky. With my headphones on I am listening to Duke Ellington. The music flows nicely and I almost feel like dancing. I feel like making some space in my white studio and move my body around. It’s Sunday afternoon. It’s not raining although this... [Read More]