R started school this year. Just a few weeks went by but he’s already devouring (mostly unconsciously) whatever is being thrown at him. He scribbles away in his notebooks and is bragging when he’s happy with the results. “Did you see my 2? Did you see it? I know how... [Read More]

Stop That!

Tram nr. 2 crosses Brunnenmarkt, the colorful and loud street market in Ottakring. That’s where the boy got in. His mother was busy on the phone but gestured him to sit in the empty seat right in front of me. He held his steamy kebab with both hands and was... [Read More]

God help the Child

A little while ago I heard Toni Morrison speak about her latest book, God help the Child, a book in which a mother has a hard time dealing with the fact that her daughter is of a much darker skin color than herself. A sort of a twist on the... [Read More]

Yet again

Intellectually idle for the time being. Not doing any writing, no translations, not much reading. At least I try to keep going for a run every other day. But I spend as much time I have with R. I think we have a good relationship and I also think treating... [Read More]


It got late yesterday. Past two a.m. and I was still awake. Thinking about stuff. Afraid. Hopeful. Trying to be good is difficult… if you are not in the mood. What I can see with R is that, even if the situation gets out of hand, a hug will most... [Read More]


There was blood everywhere. Dripping slowly from his nose, in and around his mouth, on his chin and from there on his chest, over his small blue raincoat. He looked like a tiny version of a hungry, crying vampire. Each time I wanted to calm him down, he would hastily... [Read More]