He was up on his father’s shoulders. The world made so much more sense from up there. The chaos of legs and shoes has been subdued, exchanged for a sea of faces, for waves of heads, banners and flags. They were all shouting, and happily so. The word “president” came... [Read More]
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“What on earth? This is…” She did not finish her sentence. Just started laughing and kept pointing at the cactus plant they had stolen the night before from the restaurant. It was one of those… encounters, something they kept doing since they discovered sex. They were never a couple, except... [Read More]
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His belly kept rubbing against the back rest of the chair testifying to the fact that he, indeed, put on some weight. His boyfriend was not joking when he said that. The kid in the chair kept texting his girlfriend but that did not seem to bother him as long... [Read More]
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