On Bookworm, last night, I’ve had the chance to hear a new name which, I think, will preoccupy me for a while in the next time. Walter Hopps. Dream Colony is a book about him written by the fiction editor of The New Yorker, Deborah Treisman. And now the thing... [Read More]


Săptămîna trecută a fost inaugurată aici, în Viena, o expoziţie inedită. Într-o clădire dezafectată, un fost sediu al poştei imperiale şi din care au rămas acum doar pereţii şi podelele, au fost expuse opere ale aproape o sută de artişti tineri, opere care au fost create în afară, de-a lungul... [Read More]
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I Never Look Away

Had a couple of hours yesterday and rushed to the Albertina for Jim Dine’s self-portraits. Almost rembrandtesque in their effort, the making of self-portraits was a central theme for the artist. The variety of takes on it is quite overwhelming: from simple charcoal drawings to sandpaper, from canvases to chess... [Read More]

After Midnight

Did not think I would still find the motivation to go running tonight. But I did and it helped. This week was a slow week - 34 km, each between 5:20 and 5:40. But most of them going up. Running for the hills. Slow pace make things flow and does... [Read More]

Stalling for Time

by Gabriel Furmuzachi (a sketch) Abstract: Carel Fabritius left behind few but important works of art. We are concerned here with the View in Delft, and attempt to make two points about it. The first is that this small painting manages to break away from the classical perception of perspective,... [Read More]

Vasari: Lives of the Artists

by Gabriel Furmuzachi Vasari is important. He tells the truth about art and about its makers. The truth, as he saw it. His truth. In a way, he is another Aristotle. The latter was doing work in all fields of science, experimenting, pondering, discussing, writing, etc. He was happy to... [Read More]

Asta Gröting. Lentos. Linz.

Most contemporary art is conceptual art. Seeing Gröting’s work in Lentos I had to think about it again. Today’s art comes from language and words and, to see it and understand it, you have to make the effort to put it back into language, to drape it up with words... [Read More]

Expectations: Kapoor/Serota | Collings/Emin

Last week, Boris Johnson, Anish Kapoor and Lakshmi Mittal have unveiled The ArcelorMittal Orbit, the centerpiece of the Olympic games in London. The Orbit looks like a tortured version of the Eiffel tower. Actually, Kapoor said that he wanted to “rethink what a tower might be”. An article in Times classifies... [Read More]

The world without

With modern art, one needs to know the artist and the references she makes through her work. Otherwise it is not easy to understand her work. Art began with representing nature or what was out there. Plato thought nothing good of it since it did not have access to the... [Read More]

Augenschmaus. A feast for the eyes.

by Gabriel Furmuzachi There is a difference between seeing paintings and seeing a show. In this case, Augenschmaus. Vom Essen in Stillleben. Or, as it is called in English – Feast for the eyes. Kunstforum. Vienna. I can only think that the backbone for the show was made up of... [Read More]

Constant Sun

Yesterday I went to an exhibition without art objects. There was nothing to see, except for a big table in the middle of a room with a laid out map of Europe, a pair of gloves, a black marker and a ruler. And lots of people. Relatively, that is (the... [Read More]

So, how does this work?

by Gabriel Furmuzachi (a sketch on contemporary art) I understand the fact that in (most) contemporary art one should not look for beauty. This week I finished my tour in MUMOK and saw the Gender Check exhibition. The objects there are not beautiful. They are challenging, violent, sometimes funny, sometimes... [Read More]

Books, exhibitions, movies...

Books: Sarah Thornton – Seven Days in the Artworld. Well, this was an eye-opening book. I did not read it for the plot (there is none) and the writing itself is rather weak and often self flattering. There’s not much in the way of an analysis of the artworld (from... [Read More]


Yesterday,  another Galerienrundgang. I did not know about it until I saw someone who came into our gallery with the flyer. Funny thing though, this guy stepped in and, very confident said he’s been walking by every so often but never got in. And he wanted to ask if we... [Read More]

Truck Obscura

Have a look here. This is the biggest and simplest camera in the whole world. Look at the pictures in the gallery. And, of course, zoom in! More and more! The photos seem to never end. And they continue to be sharp and clear. And notice the handwork. The sponge traces.... [Read More]


How is this possible? A small painter. Nonetheless member of the French Academy and teacher at the Académie Julian. Eugène Robert Pougheon (1886-1955). Almost nothing on him on the internet. A rare acquaintance of the auction houses as well. And not only that, his paintings are valued from a few... [Read More]
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Two music recommendations: Madeleine Peyroux and The Dead Weather. And something for the eyes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. [Read More]
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Last Thursday – gallery walk in the first district. Galerie Krinzinger – Hans Op De Beek and Shilpa Gupta both interesting. I found the video installation from Op De Beek a bit kitschy. And I would like to know how much of it is made by hand and how much... [Read More]
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Hellmonsödt - ARTEMONS

Sunday – up in Hellmonsödt to see Upper Austrian painters at ARTEMONS. Kubin, Dunzendorfer, Ploberger, Pöll, Sedlacek, Wach, von Züllow, Weidinger. Took photos of signatures and now I try to memorize them.  [Read More]
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At the weekend I was in Linz and went to Lentos for The Best of Austria and Linz Blick. I don’t know why but Lentos consistently fails to impress me. Linz Blick – the idea was interesting – have a map of the city and the images exhibited (paintings, drawings,... [Read More]

Too Loud a Solitude & Minotaurs

Too Loud a Solitude – done. Hrabal – on my side. It’s a small book – 98 pages. It reads well and it flickers now and then with wonderful stuff. “Because thoughts come from outside and travel with us like the noodle soup we take to work”. (2) Citing from... [Read More]
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Barlach & Kollwitz

in a jiffy, elbowing my way around the sculptures, i managed to see yesterday’s opening at leopold museum. at the beginning i took refuge in the small theater which was almost empty and saw there a documentary on ernst barlach. and then had to fight my way through the masses... [Read More]
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What I saw...

two exhibitions. i caught both of them in their last week.  peter kogler – in MUMOK. check this out. and try to imagine being there, alone. just you and the projection. and the sound blasting out from huge speakers, camouflaged behind the walls.  edward hopper – in kunsthalle. it somehow... [Read More]

a bit crazy

what if? well, that’s the question! that’s always the question. not to be or not to be but what if it were and what if i were not? yes, it’s a bit crazy to think of it like this. thou shall not discard possibilities! today i had a sort of... [Read More]


destul de plin, weekend-ul asta. pe arte tocmai am vazut un documentar despre niebelungi: cita realitate si cit mit. saturday – der späte tizian – the late titian and the sensuality of painting. read victor stoichita: goya – die familie karls IV oskar bätschmann: cezannes große badende – scheitern... [Read More]


the Science of Art vs. the Art of Science Gabriel Furmuzachi The Körperwelten exhibition (in French - Art anatomique, la fascination de l’authentique) has been advertised as controversial at least from an ethical perspective. I knew this before I went there and I expected to be able to make things... [Read More]