a rainy morning. just the two of us at the bus station. not for long though — a neighbor’s kid walked towards us, slowly, enjoying the raindrops. or maybe he was just still sleepy? as soon as we spotted him, we sucked in our tummies, stood as straight as we could and looked ahead, as if waiting for orders from... [Read More]


everyone in the underground looks tired this rainy evening. two men next to me talk about photography. or that’s what i think they discuss — i can’t hear them well enough. exposure comes up, as well as light. one of them has a DSLR hanging around his neck, his right hand holding it carefully. am thinking about their hobby and... [Read More]

At Night

was in a tram last night, going home. at one station, a bunch of French seniors got in; 20-30 of them. all smiling and shouting “Dominique,” for some reason. when the tram departed, rather abruptly, they all let out a”whoosh” sound while being catapulted about a meter towards the back, forming a solid mass of happy people: they kept laughing... [Read More]

Spune Da - Tobias Wolff

Spălau vasele. Soția lui le spăla și el le ștergea. Seara trecută le-a spălat el. Ajuta des la treburile prin casă, în comparație cu alți bărbați, cunoscuți de-ai săi, cel puțin. În urmă cu cîteva luni a auzit o prietenă de-a soției spunîndu-i acesteia că trebuie să fie norocoasă să aibă un soț așa de atent. “Încerc și eu”, se... [Read More]


I am glad that I can take R to museums. He’s just an 8 year-old boy interested in Lego and stories and fishing (though he never tried that just yet) but, with a bit of luck, he plays along and I can take him to exhibitions in art museums. The Museum of Natural Sciences, on the other hand, is actually... [Read More]

Five Senses

She was American. Over seventy, I think. She came to this city for her son’s wedding which took place over the weekend. Now, Monday, she felt tired and thought she wouldn’t really want to talk — just hang around and look at the people. But then, slowly, we actually became engrossed in our conversation. We talked about politics and ranted... [Read More]


We were in Normandy for almost a week already. That day we drove to Étretat and spent a few hours there, going up the hill with the church on top and enjoying the view. The sky was overcast but it didn’t rain. We walked around, through tall grasses, peeking at the white cliffs, feeling dizzy whenever we got closer to... [Read More]